Sports Clapp Mobile UI UX / Creative Direction / Visual Design / Branding

Sports Clapp is the fun new app for supporting your sports team and connecting with mates using just one tap, no matter where you are. Send a “Clapp” – an alert to a mate’s phone with a short, sharp and audible cheer for your team. Send as many as you like and help your team over the line! Connect with mates and fans all over the world!





User Interface and User Experience Designer based in India. I m passionate about building simple, clean and modern Websites and Mobile app User Interfaces that are easy to use and elegant to look.

Well-organized and highly motivated creative professional with years of design industry experience and expertise in UI/UX design, specialized in pixel-perfect Web and Mobile apps.

I am currently Team Lead of creative and functional design for Boston Technologies Corporation where I lead a team of designers and xhtml developers to create and discover new and effective digital experiences.

10 years 250+ websites 200+ mobile apps

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